These primary French worksheets are available for you to print and copy for use in the classroom. Neither the worksheets nor the images on them may be copied or used for any commercial purpose without the specific written consent of the copyright holder. Please do NOT remove or alter the copyright warning on any of these pages.

Once all the images have loaded simply press the 'print' button on your browser toolbar for a photocopiable master sheet.
All worksheets are set up to print on A4 paper in portrait format.
More worksheets will be available here as we get them set up for the internet and uploaded.

None have been added for some time now but we will be working on this site again in the summer and autumn of 2008 so be patient! Hopefully we'll be able to publish them in PDF format instead of the current format.

You are welcome to contact us with comments or suggestions or to submit your own worksheets for inclusion here by

(Email link corrected and worksheet images re-located May 17th 2008)
Having difficulty getting your computer to print French accents?
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Try using our puzzles as homework. When completed each puzzle can be printed
out showing the score... and they don't print the coloured backgrounds!